WEB [jewels] reflection

© lisi prada, 2018


TITLE WEB [jewels] reflection

SERIES / SERIE Nature & Culture / Naturaleza y Cultura


YEAR / AÑO 2018

SHOT Villalibre de la Jurisdicción [León] Spain. UHDV 4K Single channel

SOUNDTRACK Hatori Yumi. Omega, EP Ω © Fabio R. Stirner

OUTLINE The fragmentation of the image in a forced and symmetrical mirror, generates arborescent forms, openings and closures, splits that attract our gaze towards the line of convergence that shows the excess of ordering, the perversion of the artifice. It is not the kaleidoscope mentioned by Benjamin and taken up by Didi-Huberman that, in each turn or 'catastrophe' [Lyotard], demolishes the orderly to create a new order, but in its mechanic approach, it is an expressive artifact that can be useful to us to confront the real with the virtual in Bergsonian terms, as Deleuze says in The Time-Image. We live in an increasingly dystopian world in which exponential irrationality sometimes makes us doubt our future possibilities and not only as supposedly human beings, but also as a biological species. We have advanced in leaps and bounds in processes of economic, social and technological transformation, with consequences of great impact; great innovations that, on the one hand, have improved our quality of life, causing at the same time enormous demographic and environmental imbalances and injustices of all kinds. And it is that, faced with a reality of increasing complexity, we need to ask ourselves about an ethics that knows how to combine the desirable with the possible.

REASON We remain anchored to the modern paradigm in which denying-destroying-transforming is equivalent to innovating. Is not it time to stop and reflect on what is lost in this dynamic of unstoppable production and exploitation? Where is nature relegated, the physical body, the time to live, contemplation, values? Can videoart promote the desire to free the view outside the multiple screens that capture our gaze in the insatiable pleasure of objects, images, news, connections ... and push it towards the non-specular world in which every drop of water alive, damp to the touch, fragile to the blow of your breath, sensitive to the incidence of a weak ray of sunlight capable of illuminating reason and sense?

SYNOPSIS A praise to nature and an invitation to stop the accelerated arrhythmia of fragmented moments in which we live in the time of Internet and of the wildest neoliberalism to, in that pause, experience duration. Stopping to contemplate, not as a passive relaxation of void time for the recovery of the productive work force but as an activity that rests and is based on itself, allowing us to fully experience the tiny event that is offered to us from and to the fold of a specular inflection, free of any narrative imposition, that is, independent of the meaning beyond the significant opening that is initially suggested to us in the polysemy of the three words in the title, since from that beginning a significant game is set in which 'web' can refer both to the fascinating geometry of the net woven in a spiderweb and to the virtual network, both with a friendly face but just one as an instrument of control, domination and surveillance. Jewels intends to interpolate an oblivion in brackets: every drop of water is a treasure in a world in which ecological deterioration is increasing, desertification advances and millions of people have no access to drinking water. Finally, 'reflection' can refer to what is reflected in the mirror [the web encourages narcissism] but also invites us to contemplate and reflect on nature and our own future.

DISPLAY View of the single-channel installation [simulation]



— NH COLLECTION EUROBUILDING [the largest domed LED screen in Europe (300 square meters) and the second in the world. A whole show of light, surround sound (48 sound projectors integrated in the structure) and video in a semi-transparent curved screen]. VIDEODOME - VIDEOSKIES. MADATAC. 13, 15 y 23 FEB 2019. madatac.es/event/videodome-videoskies/

— FEST I NOVA. Art Villa Garikula, Tbilisi, Georgia, comisariado por ALC VideoArt Festival, XXI. Future is coming. 5 APR to 5 OCT 2020

— ALC VideoArt Festival en MACA, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante y en Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras (Espacio Anexo). 31 AUG to 4 SEPT 2021


— Colección Cigarreras, catalogada por ACOA (Artistas Contemporáneos de Alicante).



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