winged six readings



Winged [six readings]

con Alas [seis lecturas]

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TITLE WINGED [six readings]
SERIES Nature and Culture
DURATION 14 min 41 s
YEAR 2021

SHOT BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA [Mostar]. CHINA [Longsheng, Zhangjiajie]. CROATIA [Dubrovnik]. CZECH REPUBLIC [Prague]. ENGLAND [London]. EGYPT [Aswan]. FRANCE [Saint-Malo, Paris]. GERMANY [Berlin, Munich]. GREECE [Crete, Elaea-Epirus, Meteora, Olympia, Pilos, Rhodes, Sounion]. ICELAND [Reykjavík]. ITALY [Naples, Oplontis, Sicily]. MOROCCO [Chefchaouen]. POLAND [Cracow]. PORTUGAL [Porto]. RUSSIA [Moscow, Saint Petersburg], SPAIN [Almería, Coruña, León-Villalibre, Madrid, Pontevedra]. SWITZERLAND [Bern, Lucerne]. SYRIA [Aleppo]. TURKEY [Istanbul, Izmir, Pamukkale]. 2010-2021

SOUNDTRACK Seis miradas from 'Obra integral para piano' composed by Eduardo Pérez Maseda. Duncan Gifford, piano

PIECES 1. Bizarre · Seduction lessons. 2. Charme · Trying to fly. 3. Ossesivo · Learning to be a bird. 5. Fluente · Summer trill. 6. Fugace · Fugacious. 4. Capriccioso · A bird in the hand...[1]

SYNOPSIS Who has never dreamed of becoming a bird, having wings, being able to fly? My shots with birds in different countries between 2010 — 2021 and some very brief performances try to express this desire and remind us that birds are our origin and that human beings descend from them. Looking for a lyrical and rhythmic edition, the images are mounted on the sound piece 'Six gazes', from the 'Obra integral para piano' composed by Eduardo Pérez Maseda and performed on the piano by Duncan Gifford.

REASON My best dreams are, without a doubt, those in which I manage to fly. These are recurring dreams in which, through different methods of takeoff, flapping, free gliding and landing, I either save myself from threatening situations or simply enjoy, from above, the unique and liberating experience of flight. An old performance in which I try to reflect my desire to be a bird, served as the starting point for this work in which I use records of birds in flight, taken on visits to different countries, from 2010 to 2021. The composer shares these experiences —Do you know that flight (by the way without the slightest effort!) Is one of my recurring dreams? —He has commented to me; So, nothing is more suitable than these pieces for piano to guide the assembly: sound looks so aerial and fluid, so delicate and expressive, so full of contrasts and inspiration… that they oscillate between the most poetic and sensual character to the most intense contrasts, violent and surprising. Trying to capture the suggestive rhythmic sequencing of the pieces, here are Six visual readings on the Six pianistic glances of the composer Eduardo Pérez Maseda collected in his 'Obra integral para piano'[2].

ACKNOWLEDGMENT Many thanks to the composer Eduardo Pérez Maseda for his lyricism, creative excellence and generosity, and to Duncan Gifford for his virtuosity on the piano.

NOTE BENE: The work can be shown in its entirety or installed on six looped monitors, with headphones.

[1]. ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’
[2]. 'Integral work for piano'



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